About Us


Art By Heart came into existence on 26th January 2013  from the lifelong passion for art from one woman and the dream of her son to be an entrepreneur. Thus came to life this unique store., this is not a pure business venture, but is a creation from an avid art lover who is also a lecturer of over 2 decades of experience in bio technology in a top college in Bangalore, while her son quit his successful job in a top auditing company to fulfill his lifelong dream of being an entrepreneur and combined this to make his mother’s wish to help revive dying art forms from different parts of the country, and save these artisans ‘incredible talents from going into extinction. Her visits to the world renowned Shantiniketan during her student days made her learn about the different art forms in our country. But today these artisans have barely managed to make enough money to have 2 meals for themselves and their families and their exquisite arts and craft take sometimes months to take form, shape and color. ABH is not just another handicraft store, it has combined with it the motto to bring back lost handicrafts, to contribute to a noble cause and also spread the uniqueness of Indian handicrafts from far and beyond. Come be a part of this revival with Art by Heart.

We have already successfully managed to spread the word in Rajrajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore that if its Handmade, its Art by Heart. And slowly the word is spreading to far and beyond. It is our mission to not only provide high quality affordable art, but also create awareness about these dying art forms and how you can join in this social cause of reviving these arts and crafts. With buying from us or even visiting and becoming a fan you go noticeably far in appreciating the hard work which is put in by these artisans.